Raymond Fogarty, AirCam Ireland

Meet Raymond Fogarty of AirCamIreland

We were delighted to collaborate with Raymond Fogarty of AirCamIreland and be able to use his fabulous drone shots on a couple of Wild by Water products. Raymond is the man behind Aircam Ireland and his photographic and video work is simply beautiful. We have used a fabulous shot of Dún Aonghasa (Dun Aengus) on Aran Mór that Raymond captured a few years back. We have been keen fans of his work for some time and it was great to be actually able to feature some of it at last.

“I started drones as a hobby in 2014 while studying computer science. My passion for drones went hand in hand with my love for seeing Ireland at angles that were never seen before. The first major endeavour with my little drone was to travel the Wild Atlantic Way and capture all the amazing sights along the way. The subsequent success of this project and the coverage it got afterwards presented a business opportunity in which AirCam Ireland was born. The Dún Aonghasa shot was taken on a beautiful 21st September 2014 with a Phantom 2 drone and a GoPro Hero 3+ camera.

WBW: Thanks Raymond. We love this shot so much so it  features on two of our bags – the Messenger and the Folio.