Sporty Clutch – Sea Cliffs


Sporty Clutch – Kerry Sea Cliffs  
This WILD BY WATER Sporty Clutch is water tight and ideal for carrying –and keeping dry –your precious items whether you are waterside or out in wet weather.

Lightweight, compact, strong and water tight, this beautiful sporty clutch will leave you “worry-free” to adventure on – whatever the weather!

Each WILD BY WATER sporty clutch is made with an original photo from our own travels and adventures both on and off the water. Each image unique…  this is not just a bag, but an experience, a memory that travels with you.

These sea cliffs are located just south of Portmagee, County Kerry, Ireland.
GPS location: 51.868258, -10.387736

SIZE: 230mm X 165mm

MATERIALS:  100% recycled polyester – waterproof

The Wild By Water sporty clutches are:

    • rainproof  / water resistant
    • strong & secure
    • lined with water resistant lining and inner pocket

The Wild by Water Sporty Clutch will set you up for day-long adventures and exploring!